Womens Empowerment Youth Exchange

About the Exchange

Where: Groningen, The Netherlands

When: 11th – 18th June 2017

Where: Liverpool, England

When: 22nd – 29th October 2017


The exchange will involve 16 women aged 17-27 8 from Liverpool and 8 from Groningen. 2 group leaders from each organisation will also be in attendance for the both trips. The part of the exchange will take place in Groningen in June 2017 and the second part of the exchange will take place in Liverpool in October 2017. The aim, using football as a tool of engagement, is to empower women.


Football will be the binding factor. In two weeks, 1 week in North Groningen  (June) and 1 week in Liverpool (October) girls  will learn how to organise a big ‘girls day’ with football as the main tool. In the days before the girls/young women will prepare this final day of the week. Next to a football tournament there will be a lot of other activities. Young girls and women can follow this day trainings and workshops about human rights, anti discrimination, how to be defensive/assertive and a lot more activities. In the Netherlands the English will learn how they will organize this in the rural Dutch setting. And in England the Dutch will learn how they organize this in the English/Liverpool Urban setting.

Participants of the exchange will work on the following competences during the exchange and activities:

Co-operation, organizing activities, creativity, cultural differences and the different pressures young women face whether they live in a rural setting or an urban setting of high social deprivation and the associated social problems attached to that.


Participants will empower themselves on the following topics:

Self confidence, assertiveness, taking responsibility, social responsibility, setting achievable goals, being a positive role model and improving their knowledge on the differing cultures.


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