Game Changer

Funded by the National Lottery Community Fund ‘Game Changer’ will enable our local community to directly engage in how our/their newly refurbished centre will operate. Building on the success of our community engagement so far, we will host large scale community consultation events at our centre bringing in the local community to hear their views on what the most pressing issues, challenges and opportunities face our community with the creation of our newly refurbished centre at TIN.

Our young members have highlighted to us that one of their biggest interests and areas they would like to develop moreskills in is that of digital technology and media skills. All of our young people have huge interests in mobile phones, cameras and video games. Game changer will bring in industry professionals in these fields to run eight workshops with our young people, both do develop these important transferable 21st century skills for our young people, but also in order to professionally code, shoot and edit interactive videos and digital installations showcasing the importance of the areas the new refurbished TIN centre needs to address, identified by its local community during our community consultation event.

We want ‘Game Changer’ to firstly listen to what our local community think the big issues are for us to tackle in 2020, then equip our young members with the skills to make these opinions and concerns heard and appreciated, then provide the opportunity to do this to the great and the good with the power to help us enact this positive change in the future.

‘Game Changer’ will challenge both our own members preconceptions that no one is listening to them by making their voices heard, whilst challenging other’s perceptions of our local community by showcasing the social unity, skills, abilities and potential our young people and local community has.