Health, Fitness & Wellbeing programmme – Currently on Hold

Currently on hold

  • 6 week (2 days a week) programme. So 12 days in total.
  • Every Monday & Thursday 10.00am-3.00pm.
  • 8 young people maximum per programme.
  • Monday session delivered on site at our youth centre, St Augustine Pavilion, Kings Avenue (just off Southport Rd, The Mons pub end). Thursday session split between our site and Phoenix Fitness, Strength & Conditioning Centre, Prescot Rd, Old Swan.
  • Lunch provided.
  • Travel expenses will be covered.
  • 1st programme to start Monday 1st October 2015.


Expected Outcomes:

  • Greater awareness of fitness, health, anatomy & physiology, lifestyle management, goal setting, finance management, employment barriers/employability skills needed for job market, motivation.
  • Improved fitness and health, and other related outcomes i.e. positive mental health, positive self esteem etc.
  • Positive role models over the period of the programme.
  • Relationships built for future support if needed.